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Video Settlement Brochures

Video Settlement Brochures:

A Video Settlement Documentary, is in essence, a condensed preview of your case. It’s primary audience would be insurance adjusters and attorneys. It vividly depicts how a case will play to a jury. Since it is not produced for court  presentation creative elements are not restricted. Video Settlement     Documentaries are intended to present the strength of the plaintiff’s case in  dramatic fashion. It’s design is to bring the case to the attention of the defense taking the Demand Package from   paperwork to real life. Some elements may be re-edited for introduction in  mediation or trial.


Our productions will generally include a summary of the medical history Since the event, interviews or edited video depositions of physicians, victims, family members and friends, expert witnesses, creation of highway safety crash   diagrams in color animated  panels,  actual surgeries and/or illustrations of surgeries and/or treatments, diagnostic films, photograph’s of injuries, and any other evidence along with a summary of the medical treatment the victim has  undergone and the prognosis for the  future.


Final presentations are delivered on USB and a stand alone video brochure.